As if 2020 wasn’t unforgiving enough, this year marked the loss of three beloved Milwaukee musicians: Paul Setser of Riverwest venue Circle-A (and more), Sarah Kozar of The Squeezettes (and more), and Dave Bolyard of The Tritonics (and more). All three will be honored on Saturday, November 28 at a musical “funeral walk” from Quarters Rock ‘n Roll Palace to Circle-A.

“Please join us for a walk through Riverwest, from Quarters to Circle-A, in remembrance of Paul Setser, Sarah Kozar, and Dave Bolyard,” reads an event description. “We will conclude our walk by singing one of Paul Setser’s greatest hits in the Booze Grotto. Please, let’s not invite any more tragedy into our lives. Masks are required and please maintain distance to keep everyone safe. During the march, we ask you to play music, either in person or virtually, as we commemorate these three incredible musicians.”

The walk is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m.

A personal note: After learning of his passing last week, I searched my phone for photos of Paul Setser. I could only find one, but it’s kind of how I’ll always remember him: cheerfully working the door from his corner booth at Circle-A, cheerfully taking the mic after sets (“Who wants to hear another one?!”), and just being a cheerful and positive presence. He was a selfless, genuine dude and a Milwaukee legend. R.I.P. Paul, and R.I.P. Sarah and Dave.

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