Last summer, the mysteriously monikered Community Centaur (a.k.a. Josh Evert of The Fatty Acids) released an equally mysterious version of Radiohead’s “Idioteque.” It was spooky, downbeat, and kind of great. “I haven’t been able to get this song out of my head lately,” Evert told us back then, “but I was internally singing it in a long, drawn-out way. The lyrics are cryptically apocalyptic, and seem more poignant than ever. I eventually decided to record it.”

Now, nearly a year later, Evert has released a video to go along with the cover. Shot, directed, and edited by Milwaukee filmmaker Kelly Michael Anderson, the clip is hypnotizing, trippy, and deceptively simple. “This project grew out of a desire to work on something without too many preconceived notions of what it would turn into,” Anderson says. “I think Josh and I were sick of working on super involved and long-term projects and just wanted to play around and work on something fun for a day, with the intention of having a quick turnaround. Though that’s a nice sentiment, I ended up sitting on this video for a long time because I was frustrated by it. After laying dormant for awhile, I decided to finish it up. It just so happened Josh and WC Tank were tag-teaming a show together, so it seemed like a good time and reason to release it.”

The Community Centaur/WC Tank show in question is set for Thursday, May 24 at Bremen Cafe. Denver’s Curta and Chicago’s Rich Jones will top the bill, while Milwaukee’s Bo & Airo will round it out. “Curta makes confidential underground dark industrial synth and pedal rap from Denver that you need to see to believe,” Tank tells us. And the rest of the lineup? “Josh is on a ladder—it’s a ladder match—and will be releasing this video in anticipation of the big event. [I’m] playing [my] third show at Bremen this month and also doing projections. Bo & Airo are behemoths who are filling out the bill in a monstrous way.”

Idioteque – Community Centaur from Kelly Michael Anderson on Vimeo.