Though Nick Tovarek now lives in Austin, the musician first made a name for himself in Milwaukee music as a member of Kane Place Record Club before moving to Texas in 2015 with his new indie-tinged electronic project, Dream Attics. Admittedly, we haven’t really kept tabs on Dream Attics since the move, but our attention crossed state lines this week upon learning Tovarek is in need of funds to help remove a subependymoma, a rare tumor near his brain stem.

A GoFundMe campaign has been started by Tovarek’s family to help “find one of the few neurosurgeons with experience removing this type of tumor” and to apply to the inevitable “insurance battles” they expect to face in the coming months. From the GoFundMe:

“Nick was recently diagnosed with a subependymoma, which is a rare brain tumor. It is located near the brain stem, making it extremely difficult to remove. Family and friends are exhausting resources trying to find one of the few neurosurgeons with experience removing this type of tumor. We also are likely going to have insurance battles, since his surgery requires a neurosurgeon with experience with this rare tumor.

“Most people are well aware of the burden that medical procedures of this nature can be, and how difficult it is to ask for financial help. Those of you that know Nick know that he has one of the best brains around, so please help us to keep it intact.”

The campaign has raised more than $10,000 in 11 days, but an additional $90,000 is sought to help ease what’s sure to be a difficult road ahead. If you liked Kane Place, you enjoy Dream Attics, or you simply wish to help a musician with Milwaukee roots in a time of great need, consider donating to Tovarek’s campaign today.