Back in 2017, we declared Utcearu‘s sophomore album, For Darkness To Subside, to be one of the 10 best Milwaukee albums of that year. Since releasing a record we said all headbangers would love roughly two years ago, Utcearu (pronounced “oot-key-are-oo”) has been hard at work on a brand new effort that sure to push Brew City black metal to exciting new territory.

On Tuesday, May 7, the trio’s latest labors will finally see the light of day in the form of the band’s latest, Madness & Creation. The third Utcearu album—recorded at Howl Street Recordings this past March and April—is a six-pack of of songs that are heaped high with scorching vocals, pounding percussion, and guitar work that wildly-yet-satisfyingly careens from blistering to intricate.

Before Madness & Creation comes out and the band hits the road in support of Bane’s upcoming Aphotic Realms North American Tour (which ends at Cactus Club on June 3), get ready for Utcearu’s next metallic masterpiece and stream the new single, “Death At Hand,” below.

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