Though stationed in two separate continents for almost the entirety of its existence to this point, longtime Kenya/Brooklyn-based dream-pop duo Eric & Magill managed to get more accomplished with an ocean between them than the vast majority of Milwaukee bands do while in the same room together. Since 2010, the project—which is made up of Milwaukee ex-pats Eric Osterman (Camden) and Ryan Weber (Camden, The Promise Ring, Decibully)—has released a pair of beautiful full-lengths, an EP, and two albums in which they cover bands their friends are in (the latest of which found E&M covering Maritime and Braid).

Thursday, the displaced duo announced their already-staggering catalog was growing. A third full-length In This Light was completed after Weber returned to the U.S. from Kenya. The project remains long distance, though, as Weber now lives in Los Angeles, while Osterman remains in New York. To mark the album’s November 4 release, Eric & Magill made its latest full-length, 2013’s Night Singers, available for free download for a limited time. Moreover, Thursday’s album announcement coincided with two downloadable Night Singers remixes by other acts with Milwaukee ties. Made Of Oak (Nick Sanborn of Sylvan Esso) took a stab at modifying “Calendars” and Rupees (the solo project of Ryan Rupprecht from Faux Fir and Castle Thunder) took on the task of remixing “Love Found.”

Now that they’re in the same country and have just a three hour time difference, only better things can be expected from this already-enjoyable act with tangential Milwaukee ties. Until as much can be confirmed come November, feel free to get better acquainted with Eric & Magill by taking advantage of these downloads.