Blasting down the highway on a smoke-spewing chopper. Thwarting the forces of evil by wielding an epic motor sword. Legend Of Zelda and Spaceballs references. Riffs upon riffs. They’re all par for the course for Moon Rats, Milwaukee’s finest psyched-out, stoner-rific hard rock band with songs like, well, “Motor Sword.” Born as a side project of the equally hazy Calliope in 2016, Moon Rats have since released the excellent Highway Lord (first track: “Become The Smoke”), and are scheduled to perform at one of the many (official and unofficial) Mama Tried Motorcycle Show after parties Saturday, February 24 at Company Brewing. Has there ever been a better pairing of event and band? NO.

But first, “Ride Or Die.” The song premiered on WMSE last week, but it appears online for the first time here. Frontman Al Kraemer says the chrome-plated track is the “first of a collection that will eventually become [Moon Rats’] second album, Lonestar (release date unknown), which is to be considered a ‘sequel’ (or Episode II) to their debut full-length, Highway Lord.” Plus, the poster for the Company Brewing show has the Eagle 5 Winnebago from Spaceballs on it. CRANK IT UP.

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