If you’ve never heard of Cullah, you’re in for a treat. The Milwaukee-born musician, producer, and multi-instrumentalist released his latest album on April 27 (his birthday), and has done so every April 27 since 2006. The genre-bending artist’s 12th release, Cullahsus, illustrates Cullah’s annual growth with material that blends the multi-faceted musician and producer’s instrumental acumen and electronic flare. One of the album’s best illustrations of this comes in “Helios 3,” which combines lush and atmospheric soundscapes with slow, relaxed lyrics about space travel.

Back in July, Cullah went to a piece of land owned by relatives in Waterford to shoot a video of the standout single. There, he was joined by dancer and choreographer Kelsey Lee for the start of an intergalactic adventure that was captured on film by director Cameron Wolfe.

“She came to me with some concepts for it and we just jumped off that,” Cullah says. “We’ve all never done a project like this, so we wanted to keep it as simple as possible. I wanted her dance to do most of the storytelling.”

Lee portrays an alien dancer. Meanwhile, Cullah occasionally cuts into frame to work on a spacecraft. By video’s end, they walk into the field and take flight in a model saucer (built buy an actual aeronautical engineer and a laboratory scientist). Before Saturday’s “Helios 3” video premiere event at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn, watch the video below. September 15 also marks the last day to vote on the name of Cullah’s 13th album, which drops—you guessed it—next April 27.

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