That noise coming from the heart of Downtown Milwaukee isn’t construction (well, it’s probably that, too). It’s just the kickoff to the three-night, three-show, completely sold-out Widespread Panic Weekend at Riverside Theater.

Yes, in addition to the three (again, completely sold-out) annual WSP shows, the area surrounding the Riverside will be alive with an outdoor street party and indoor afterparties. Mo’s Irish Pub will be the site of those afterparties: Dogs In A Pile will play there Friday night, TAUK will handle Saturday night, and The Medium will take over Sunday night. Fun!

And it wouldn’t be a Widespread Panic Weekend without a mayoral proclamation! Ahead of the festivities, Mayor Cavalier Johnson declared today, October 21, 2022, to be Pabst Theater Group Day. You know, because PTG operates the Riverside (and the Pabst Theater, Turner Hall Ballroom, the Back Room @ Colectivo, the Miller High Life Theatre, and the Fitzgerald). And because the group is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. And because it’s awesome.

Here’s the text of the mayoral proclamation. Happy Widespread Panic Weekend, Milwaukee! Long live the Pabst Theater Group!

WHEREAS, Pabst Theater Group was formed in 2002, originally born from Michael J. Cudahy’s simple idea of “What can I do to make Milwaukee better?” and now includes an impressive portfolio of historic venues, some of which were originally constructed in the 1800s including the National Historic Landmark’s Pabst Theater and Turner Hall Ballroom, the Riverside Theater, Miller High Life Theatre, the Fitzgerald and the Back Room at Colectivo; and,

WHEREAS, Pabst Theater Group and its various locations have hosted over 10,000 musical and entertainment acts of all different genres, bringing people from across the globe to Milwaukee to experience our city and region; and,

WHEREAS, Pabst Theater Group has a financial impact exceeding Two-Hundred and Fifty million dollars on the city each year and spends over one million dollars on marketing annually, helping to build community and loyalty and reinforce identity and heritage for Milwaukee while employing hundreds of people who add to the local economy; and,

WHEREAS, The City of Milwaukee commends Pabst Theater Group on twenty years of dedicated service and leadership, recognizes its outstanding contributions to the community and wishes them continued success; and,

NOW, THEREFORE, I, CAVALIER JOHNSON, Mayor of the city of Milwaukee, do hereby proclaim Friday, October 21 to be PABST THEATER GROUP DAY throughout the City of Milwaukee.

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