As many of us are continuing to remain isolated and socially distant in the (hopefully) late throes of a (hopefully) diminishing pandemic, some surely miss their favorite local bars a great deal. Recognizing that—and, more so, wishing to help the ailing area bars and restaurants—Miller Lite has launched a line of “Bar Smells” scented candles to give folks a whiff of familiar haunts.

A press release offers more information:

While the world finally starts to open back up, many are still missing the sights, sounds and smells of their favorite draft beer and their favorite watering hole. That’s why Miller Lite is releasing a limited line of candles called “Bar Smells,” with all proceeds going to the hospitality industry (via the US Bartenders’ Guild Foundation).

The candles come in three “magnificently curated” scents, including “Dive Bar” (with hints of Musk, Tobacco, Pine, Yeast), “Game Day Bar” (Salted Peanut, Jalapeno, Cracked Leather), and “Beer Garden” (Green Moss, Warm Pretzel, Cracked Wood, Sunburn).

Beer Smells candles can be pre-ordered HERE, and will ship out by the end of April.

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