After eight years in business, Iron Grate BBQ is calling it quits. Today, the Bay View-adjacent restaurant’s owner/chef Aaron Patin announced in an email to its online mailing list that Iron Grate will be closing its doors this month. Its final day of service will be Sunday, November 20. Here’s Patin’s announcement:

After eight years of fire-fillled nights, we will be closing our doors after service on 11/20/22. I am fulfilled with joy of what we were able to accomplish in an old Boy Blue stand. Iron Grate grew beyond what everything I had dreamed. Cooking and sharing for everyone has been the utmost rewarding experience. I have led wonderfully dedicated people to take their own charge and make their impactful contributions to our dedication. Thank you for letting us be a place for you to gather and letting us in your homes.

Eight, a very special number We will have eight remaining services. We will be open Thursdays-Sundays the next two weeks. Come say farewell as we make our last batches and fires. If not, please share a memory for our keepsakes as a team.

Originally opened in a Howell Street space the new restaurant shared with Hawthorne Coffee Roasters (who remains in there to this day), Iron Grate quickly turned oodles of positive press, a sterling word of mouth reputation, and its innovate “Milwaukee Rib” into a motivation to relocate to a property of their own. In the summer of 2017, Patin and his trusty smoker named Edna moved a few doors north of Hawthorne, opening in its current digs at 4125 S. Howell Ave., which offered diners an opportunity to get carefully crafted barbecued and smoked delicacies and southern sides with a distinctly Milwaukee twist to enjoy in a carryout capacity, and to eat on-site in the restaurant’s attached dining room or its patio.

Farewell, Iron Grate. Thanks for all the meat-filled memories.

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