Originally opened as Christie’s Inn in 1954, the charming tavern inconspicuously stationed at 3261 S. 13th Street later became known as an unexpected place to a get gourmet-caliber meal in an unassuming south side bar setting. The longstanding family-owned business quietly became a bastion of bar-top delicacies when it was reopened and reinvented as Christie’s Pub & Grill in 2009. Unfortunately, it appears as if the “off the radar” place dining critics called “inspired” and a “hidden gem” has closed almost as suddenly and surprisingly as it came to culinary conscious.

According to the bar’s Yelp listing, Christie’s is permanently closed. Multiple trips to the property seem to corroborate the claim, and the business’ phone has been disconnected. Neon signs that were once visible from outside have been removed. By all indications, this “quintessential old-school Milwaukee hangout with killer grub to boot” is no more.

Most recently owned by Jason Schultz, Christie’s significantly elevated its food service within the past 10 years thanks to Schultz’s girlfriend, his mother, and his grandmother. Sure, there were well-executed takes on expected bar fare like burgers, chicken wings, and fish fry. However, the quaint bar’s kitchen also managed items like fried squid, bacon wrapped shrimp, lobster, goat cheese- and fruit-stuffed chicken breast, French press coffee, and decadent desserts.

We’ll continue seeking confirmation of Christie’s closing. In the meantime, it’s probably wise to seek another off-the-map place to take dates and out-of-town visitors.

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