When it comes to reliable, long-running, late-night-friendly Milwaukee pizza joints, it doesn’t get much more reliable, long-running, and late-night-friendly than Pizza Shuttle. The iconic ‘za purveyor has been holding down the fort on the East Side since 1985. It’s been employee-owned since 2022. It’s available for weddings, ill-advised food challenges, and occasional life-saving interventions. In short, Pizza Shuttle rules.

And now it’s coming to 3rd St. Market Hall! Yes, “Pizza Shuttle Slice Shop” is scheduled to open in the downtown food hall—located at 275 W. Wisconsin Ave., a.k.a. the old Grand Avenue mall—in late June. It will take over the space previously occupied by Paper Plane Pizza Co. And yes, the main Pizza Shuttle location at 1827 N. Farwell Ave. will remain open.

The Pizza Shuttle extension is being led by Kirby Clark and Phil Wilder. Clark and Wilder are also behind Goodland Greens, which is also slated to open at 3rd St. Market Hall in late June.

“We’re excited to fill the pizza niche at 3rd St. Market Hall,” says Clark in a press release. “We’re grateful to be partnering with 3rd St. Market Hall to expand our beloved Pizza Shuttle into this new and high-energy space. Our home and roots will forever be on Farwell, and we’re also eager to take on this new opportunity.”

What can market hall visitors and foodies alike expect from the Pizza Shuttle Slice Shop beyond “a variety of pies and other snacks made famous by the East Side brick and mortar pizza shop” and “expanded options to show the brand’s growth”? The press release explains…

Market hall visitors and foodies alike can expect the iconic Milwaukee pizza that’s made them an institution on the East Side plus much, much more. The employee-owned business plans to grow and evolve the Pizza Shuttle brand so it remains relevant for future generations of diners. The team comes to the table with impressive, diverse backgrounds in the food service industry that positions themselves as industry leaders; using experience and innovation to set themselves apart. The group has established a tiered approach to their growth model, first and foremost of which is to ensure Pizza Shuttle has the resources and amazing people to continue serving the community in the way it always has. They also wanted to develop a health-conscious brand that centered around fresh produce, ingredients, and flavors, so the team created Goodland Greens.

Tier three involves an exploration of pizza styles with the Pizza Shuttle Slice Shop that will embrace its heritage hand-tossed pies while also introducing other styles to the Market Hall, such as Detroit-style and Milwaukee’s favorite, the thin cracker crust style. The team is also planning on offering a select menu of Pizza Shuttle favorite snacks and appetizers such as Bosco sticks, breadsticks, and pinwheels.

Oh, and there’s a Pizza Shuttle food truck, too! We totally saw it this past weekend at Locust Street Festival! The press release explains…

The final tier of this approach is their fully electric outfitted food truck that will bring the expanded Pizza Shuttle brand’s offerings to folks almost anywhere. The truck will be used to engage in community events, school lunch programs and be present at big city events and gatherings. It’s first outing will be at the Locust St. Festival on June 9th. The team has also started a collaboration with Drink Wisconsinbly with a co-branded “Shuttle Wisconsinbly” to co-promote and drive awareness of both Wisconsin based companies.

So, to sum up: MORE PIZZA SHUTTLE. Nothing to argue about there.

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