Since returning from a decade-long hiatus back in August, WMSE’s Friday Night Freak Show has lit up the silver screen of the Times Cinema with a number of beloved cult classics. Easy Rider, Army Of DarknessThe Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and Repo Man have all been featured, complete with DJ sets from WMSE personalities. Now, just in time for the terrifying holiday season, the listener-supported radio station has decided to visit a mysterious Chinatown antique shop, buy a mysterious box containing a mysterious creature voiced by Howie Mandel, and unleash Gremlins upon the unsuspecting town of Kingston Falls Milwaukee.

Hand-picked by Sam from WMSE’s Wax Addicts show, the 1984 Joe Dante dark comedy will screen Friday, December 9 at the Times. Tickets are $5. Happily, the fun begins at 8 p.m., ensuring no one will be fed after midnight—though the bright lights from the projector and splashes of spilt beer from the crowd could be worrisome.