The Department of Health Services reported a total of 3,875 positive cases of COVID-19 in the state of Wisconsin on Thursday afternoon. That number is up from Wednesday’s total of 3,721 positive cases. Twenty-nine percent of the 3,875 positive cases have required hospitalization. A total of 40,974 negative tests were reported on Thursday, up from 39,326 on Wednesday.

Related deaths were 197, up from 182 on Wednesday.

The DHS report includes 1,947 positive cases and 114 deaths in Milwaukee County alone. A website independently maintained by Milwaukee County (and updated later in the day) reports 2,006 positive cases and 103 confirmed deaths. More than 1,500 positive cases reported by the county are in the City of Milwaukee. Urban Milwaukee notes that “the difference between the county and state totals isn’t just due to timing, but is also a result of some nursing homes and hospitals sending death certificates to the state instead of the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner.”

Discrepancies between state and county numbers aside, the reports paint an inaccurate picture of the COVID-19 crisis in Wisconsin. “Due to the nature of COVID-19 community spread and testing, the number of positive cases is likely much higher than that listed as a result of unreported or untested cases in our community,” states the Milwaukee County site. “The number of people with negative test results includes only Wisconsin residents who had negative test results reported electronically to DHS. As a result, this number underestimates the total number of Wisconsin residents with negative test results,” says the state site.

Meanwhile, some morons are planning a “Reopen Wisconsin” rally in Madison for April 24—a.k.a. the original expiration date of Gov. Tony Evers’ just-extended “Safer At Home” order. “Let’s open up Wisconsin!” say the morons on their Facebook page. “The more people that come together, the more Mountains we will move. We need you there!!!” Does the word “freedom” get tossed around a lot? YOU BET IT DOES.

This will be a PEACEFUL and RESPECTFUL gathering to demonstrate that we are Free people and we are not okay with what our Governor is doing. We will have speakers and testimony from Wisconsin residents and business owners (If you would like to speak, please contact the Administrator Thomas Leager or Madison Marie). We want our Jobs, Businesses, School, State parks, Places of Worship, Playgrounds, Daycares, “Non-Essentials”, friends and Family back.

If you’d like to follow the CDC guidelines, that is your decision. If you don’t follow guidelines, that is your decision. You are responsible for your and your family’s health and safety. I have to say this for all of the spiteful people who might try to use this against us.

The Wisconsin morons are just the latest group of morons demanding their states “reopen” immediately—despite the fact that many state governors (including Evers) have joined together to figure out how to “reopen” safely, “based on facts, science, and recommendations from experts in health care, business, labor, and education.”

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