Who Said It Best (And Worst) rounds up the best and worst quotes of the week from notable Milwaukee figures, pundits, and folks-about-town.

WISPIRG Director Peter Skopec, on the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s proposal to spend $850 million expanding a 3.5-mile stretch of  I-94

“The choice before state leaders is clear: Do we continue to spend billions of dollars on questionable highway expansion projects, above and beyond the cost of simply repairing these highways, and leave local infrastructure to crumble? Or do we choose to live within our means and make sure that our transportation dollars are spent in ways that actually benefit communities across Wisconsin?”

Everyone grouses about the streetcar (OH GOD, THE STREETCAR!) and a new downtown arena, but this is the real “boondoggle.”

OnMilwaukee.com’s Dave Begel, on why it’s “so easy to hate hockey”

“I don’t have a clue what the rules are regarding substitutions. All I know is that it seems like players are shuttled in and out virtually every couple of minutes or so. It apparently doesn’t have anything to do with whether the guys on the ice (there is also a dumb play by that name) are playing well or not. First, you have one line then another line and then another line and so on. It sounds like a bunch of rich people doing coke.”

It’s hard to single out just one awful passage in this colostomy bag of a column, so this will have to do. (Link not included because garbage.)

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