Who Said It Best (And Worst) rounds up the week’s best and worst quotes from notable Milwaukee figures and folks-about-town.

Urban Milwaukee‘s Bruce Murphy, on Charlie Sykes’ latest transformation from race-baiting right-wing talk show host to apologetic retired recanter [Urban Milwaukee]:

“It’s all just a little too easy. Saul became Paul on his way to Damascus, but Sykes has turned the road to conversion into fast-change freeway where he has a come-to-Jesus, struck-by-lightning transformation every decade or so. At some point you have to ask who is the real Charlie Sykes and why we should believe anything he says. No, I can’t see into Charlie’s heart (and I have doubts about his level of self-knowledge), but we can surely judge a man by his actions, and Charlie’s leave him with little credibility and lots of cynically-earned fame.”

Facebook user David Clarke, on Murphy’s piece [Facebook]:

“HELL FREEZES OVER. Sheriff Clarke compliments Urban Milwaukee writer Bruce Murphy (who is no fan of the Sheriff’s) for second time in two weeks for writing this smack-down of Charlie Sykes.

“This piece excoriating Charlie Sykes, who was fired by 620WTMJ, is spot on. This is who Sykes is. He has no core, no code that he lives by. On the street, the term used for someone who sells out principle for money and expediency is ‘Rat Bastard.’

“Sheriff told Sykes recently that Mark Belling of News Talk 1130 WISN was the Big Kahuna of Milwaukee talk radio. Sykes called the Sheriff an ass for thinking that, to which the Sheriff replied…’That’s a discussion for another day. Respond to my comment about Mark Belling.’ He didn’t.

“If the price is right, don’t be surprised if Sykes is a featured speaker at a future Voces de la Frontera event on illegal immigration or Black Lives Matter rally slamming cops. He can be bought. He would sell his soul to the devil if the price was right.

“Bruce Murphy knows Sykes better than anybody, including Sykes.”