In preparation for an upcoming story, we spent the morning fishing at Lakeshore State Park. (You know, that park just offshore from the Summerfest grounds.) We came up empty. But in a new YouTube video, the Wisconsin-based CatchYaLaterCrew has much better luck. They take to the Milwaukee River and embark on some good old fashioned magnet fishing (a.k.a. tossing a high-powered magnet into the water and hopefully pulling something metal out of the water) and net a keeper: a Schwinn bicycle.

The video appears to be shot on one of those little bridges near the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Milwaukee. And the catch appears to be a kids’ 20-inch Schwinn Falcon. (“Anyone missing a Schwinn?”) A 20-inch Schwinn Falcon covered in Colectivo stickers, no less.

In keeping with magnet fishing’s environmentally friendly vibe, the CatchYaLaterCrew takes the bike out of the river (no catch and release here!), cleans it up, and poses it on some railroad tracks. Neat! (If this is your bike, the CatchYaLaterCrew can be reached here.)

Also, this reminds us of the time we were swimming at the Redgranite rock quarry and we offered a surly teenager a beer if he jumped his bike off a cliff and into the water and he totally did it but he lost his bike so we gave him a whole 12-pack and he was pumped and he shared it with his buddies. Fun! (If Redgranite authorities would like to talk to us about this decades-old infraction, we can be reached here.)

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