Late Friday night and early Saturday morning, an “unfortunate incident” at Two Bucks, a bar on Milwaukee East side, led to employees walking off the job, an ongoing boycott effort, and the establishment’s owner being under fire for racist remarks she allegedly made. According to posts made on the Boycott Two Bucks Milwaukee Facebook page and a FOX 6 report, Lynn Forthaus—who owns the bar chain’s Milwaukee location—made derogatory remarks about black customers before asking them to leave. The alleged incident reportedly caused some Two Bucks employees to quit, and has since spawned a boycott movement that included a rally outside the bar Sunday night, and a Facebook page with the support of more than 1,500 people as of early Monday morning.

Two Bucks has not been open since. Sunday night, a statement was posted on Two Bucks Milwaukee’s Facebook page that reads:

“There was a [sic] unfortunate incident at Two Bucks late Friday, May 1.

I apologize that this occurred — it does not reflect the views of the company, owners or employees of Two Bucks.

We embrace diversity and have already taken steps so this will never happen again.”

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched in effort to supplement income lost by those who quit last weekend.

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