If you’ve sailed the Milwaukee waterways in the last few years—or simply glanced in the general direction of the Milwaukee waterways—you’ve probably spotted that absolutely crazy and undeniable awesome “Pirate Party Barge.” Decked out in Jolly Roger flags and fire-breathing dragons, the 150-foot vessel is a cross between the Black Pearl, Jabba the Hutt’s sail barge (the Khetanna, for those keeping score at home), and something out of Waterworld. It also frequently hosts reggae parties.

Now, the floating pirate/pleasure palace is for sale, and can be yours for the low, low price of $100,000 (or best offer). In a weeks-old Craigslist post, the owner of the barge notes that while commandeering the ship has been “a whole lot of fun,” it’s time to “[pass] it on for someone else to have fun.” Not included in that fun, we assume, is a secret chamber filled with enough loot to save the Goon Docks.

Here’s the full listing:

“I have had this barge since 2007. I have hosted many parties on it, over the years I have done all kinds of custom metal work on it,and added a bunch of cool stuff for parties, including a bar a dance floor, stage, DJ booth, pirate flags, metal pagoda ends to the front and back structures, custom made metal pirate logos to both front and rear structures, and the best part is the 2 custom made metal dragons on the front which shoot 10 foot flames from their mouths and snort smoke from their nostrils. It has been in fresh water its whole life. It is perfectly functional and for many of the parties I have had it towed around by a tug boat. It has been a whole lot of fun, but I am passing it on for someone else to have fun with it. It could potentially still be used for business or industrial purposes, but it would have to be inspected and given a load line.”

[h/t Scottie Lee Meyers]

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