There’s a great story about the making of Back To The Future. On October 17, 1984, studio executive Sid Sheinberg sent a memo to producer Steven Spielberg, suggesting, among other things, that the title of the film (then in pre-production) be changed to Space Man From Pluto. Spielberg, in an effort to reject this horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible idea and let Sheinberg down easy, sent a memo of his own: “Hi Sid, thanks for your most humorous memo, we all got a big laugh out of it, keep ’em coming.”

Anyway, let’s remember the time (yesterday) when Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos sent a humorous memo to Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers, asking that the United States and Wisconsin flags be lowered to half-staff in honor of [checks notes] Rush Limbaugh. Here’s the humorous memo:

Dear Governor Evers:

I am reaching out to request that the flags of the United States and Wisconsin be lowered to halfstaff throughout the state in honor of Rush Limbaugh who died today at the age of 70 from complications from lung cancer. While some individuals may only see him as a popular radio host, he was a pioneer in talk radio, a best-selling author and a commentator who inspired generations to become active in politics. Since the late 1980s, Rush offered up political dialogue that helped generate a more robust debate of ideas at kitchen tables, classrooms and legislatures. His successful show also opened the door to more political talk show hosts on both sides of the aisle. No doubt, there are people who did not agree with him, but there is no question that he made a lasting impact on political discourse and conservativism in our nation.

According to published reports, Rush was honored by being inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame and the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Most recently, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

In closing, I invite you to join our country in sending condolences to Rush Limbaugh’s family and friends by lowering the flags to half-staff at all buildings, grounds and military installations across the Badger State in his honor. It would be a show of respect and bipartisanship when so many in our state and nation mourn the loss of this historic figure in American politics.

As of press time, Evers has not replied with a humorous memo of his own.

Here’s the guy who played Biff singing a funny song about constantly being asked about playing Biff.

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