It’s almost the 20th day of April and you know what that means, riiiiiiiight?! Yeah, you know! Love it, hate it, or feel absolutely indifferent to it, this unofficial holiday is reason for a sizable portion of the population to celebrate. Even though Wisconsin will almost assuredly be the last state in the Midwest to legalize recreational marijuana thanks to the do-nothing State Legislature ghouls withholding progress in spite of its undeniable economic, societal, and health benefits, that isn’t stopping a few Milwaukee-area businesses, bands, and creatives from enjoying this April 20 (and beyond). Here’s our semi-informative guide to 4/20 events and specials that are happening in the area this week.

1840 Brewing Company “4.20 Celebration” and “4/22 Street Party”
Bay View’s 1840 Brewing Company is doobie-ing, er, doubling up on 4/20-related events this week. Thursday’s “4.20 Celebration” is a release event for 1840’s Joint IPA, which they make in collaboration with Eagle Park Brewing. There will be $4.20 pours of that dank beer from 4-4:20 p.m., along with slices from Hot Box Pizza MKE for sale. The fun will continue on Saturday at 1840’s 4/22 Street Party. From 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., a block of Ward Street outside the brewery will be alive with a bunch of specialty brews, food trucks, free munchies from Cheeba Hut (while supplies last), and handcrafted CBD treats from Kelly’s Greens.

Blue On Greenfield 420 Sale
Out in West Allis, Blue On Greenfield will be offering 25% off storewide from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. this Thursday. Some exclusions! Customers must be 18 or older and have ID, obviously.

Canni Hemp Co. “REC420” Discount
Save 20% on items in Canni Hemp’s “Rec Line” at with the “REC420” promo code.

The Cooperage’s 420 Bash
Sweetwater Brewing Co. presents a full-fledged “420 Bash” at The Cooperage that features music from Another One, Midnight Hound, and The Speakeasy Johnsons. The festivities also includes live painting, as well as goods from the likes of Canni Hemp, Kind Oasis, and Altered State Of Mind on sale. And yeah, there will be food from Sweetly Baked, Happy Dough Lucky, Taco Moto, and Dooby Dogs available for purchase as well.

Crafty Cow Menu Updates
Unlike most mid-Aprils, Crafty Cow will NOT be doing anything directly involved with 4/20. However, the southeast Wisconsin burger and chicken chain will be unveiling a few new menu items on Thursday to help sustain folks who might be especially hungry for some reason. Get more info on that here.

Eagle Park Brewing’s Joint Beer Fest
On Saturday, April 22, as 1840 serves Joint IPA at its aforementioned street party, Eagle Park will celebrate that very same collaborative IPA at a “Joint Beer Fest” at its Muskego taproom. In fact, Eagle Park will have a few of their other collaborations available as well, including some barrel-aged goodies. There will be live music happening, and some ticket packages also include perks like glassware, unlimited beer samples, and an unlimited munchies buffet.

Great Lakes Distillery’s Junipre Jam
It’s green, it’s herbal, and it’ll be out in full force this April 20. Of course, we are talking about Great Lakes Distillery’s/Sans’ delicious Junipre botanical spirit. Yes, the tasty non-alcoholic beverage will be back in stock and celebrated at the Walker’s Point Distillery this 4/20. Given the date and whatnot, Great Lakes will…roll a few other entertaining nuggets into this event. Ethan Keller will perform, CBD goodies will be on hand, and HoochMKE will have munchies available, too.

ICW MKE 420 Classic 2023
It’s a two-night wrestling brawl at Da Bar in West Allis, which starts on April 20. See your favorite ICW talents in what’s sure to be a hiiiiiiigh-flying show in ‘Stallis.

Lakefront Brewery 420 Cheese Curds
On Thursday, Lakefront Brewery will be serving up “green-colored cheese curd nugs sprinkled with apple-flavored gummy bears, cannabis* candy sprinkles, and hemp dust.” The brewery assures curd consumers “the curds do not contain any CBD or other psychoactive ingredients, just your favorite Lakefront Brewery cheese curds served with garlic ranch!”

Daikaiju + Devils Teeth, Nasty Boys, Fight Dice @ X-Ray Arcade
While this isn’t technically 4/20-related, you know Daikaiju will be lighting up at X-Ray Arcade on Thursday night. Like, things will literally be set on fire at this show. And if that edible kicks in while Nasty Boys are playing, just remember that everything is fine and you’re going to be okay.

MacGruber @ Times Cinema
Even though MacGruber (the man) is more likely to crack a bottle of Molson than spark a J, we imagine MacGruber (low-key one of the funniest movies of the 2000s) would be great to watch while partaking in 4/20 things. Hell, maybe we’ll find out for ourselves on Thursday! Come see it with us. Please don’t make us beg. We’ll do it…

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