After years languishing as unofficial Milwaukee merchandise that could be purchased for $50-$180, so-called “People’s Flag of Milwaukee” merchandise may finally become official Milwaukee merchandise. “If the headline drops, ‘Milwaukee Adopts New City Flag,’ can you imagine the demand that there would be?” “People’s Flag” merchandise mastermind Steve Kodis recently told CBS 58. “There’s a lot of tangible value there.” Hey: the website’s motto ain’t “Buy and Fly” for nothing!

On Thursday, July 19, Milwaukee’s Steering and Rules Committee will take up the matter at a meeting scheduled for 1:30 p.m. at City Hall. The meeting has been continually postponed since June. Fans of “People’s Flag” merch are being encouraged to attend. They recently received this email (via Reddit):

Good afternoon,

Due to the cancellation of the previous meeting, a new meeting is set for THIS THURSDAY, July 19, at Milwaukee City Hall. City leaders will vote to approve the resolution to officially adopt the People’s Flag of Milwaukee as the official city flag.

We Need Your Help:
We’re asking supporters to make a public statement in person. If you’re unable to attend, please reply to this email with a brief letter of support and recommendation that we can read on your behalf and provide to the Common Council.

July 19 @ 1:30pm
Milwaukee City Hall, Room 301-B
200 E. Wells St., Milwaukee, WI

If you’ve flown the flag, used the design in merchandise, artwork, crafts, or simply align with its message, we hope you can attend this meeting.

Bring your flags and items bearing the flag’s design. Show our elected officials how the People’s Flag of Milwaukee has inspired civic pride in you, your family, or your organization.

If you know anyone else that should attend, please forward this email invitation.

See you there.

The People’s Flag of Milwaukee Team

In a CBS 58 “Web Extra,” Kodis tosses out a few doozies, including:

On Reno, Nevada and their new city flag: “They basically copied our flag.” [They basically didn’t, but they subscribed to the same rigid flag design “rules” as Milwaukee, thus producing something inevitably similar (see the picture above).]

• On possibly redesigning the Wisconsin state flag next: “It looks like about 15 other state flags.” [Wait, what.]

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