Exhibit 1,267 that the nerds are winning: Harley-Davidson has collaborated with Marvel to create 25 custom motorcycles themed around various heroes from the comic franchise’s colorful history. While Super Hero Customs seem to be an unlikely pairing on the surface, further review uncovers a deeper connection. Marvel and Harley worked together to make sure Captain America rides their motorcycles in his films, and many Harley riders have been on the forefront of cosplay for decades.

Sixteen Marvel characters are spread out over the 25 custom creations, with more popular heroes getting multiple bikes done up in their honor. Most of the choices make sense, with The Punisher’s skull motif bikes looking like something you’d already see on the pages of his comic (and the floor of your local Harley dealer). It’s also nice to see popular women characters like Spider Gwen and Black Widow represented in the collection. Strangely, Ghost Rider, who rides a motorcycle as part of his superhero schtick, only gets one bike. Conversely, sentient plant Groot gets two. To be fair, the natural, camo-style pattern on Groot’s bikes make them look like they could easily be parked outside of a northwoods Wisconsin bar during hunting season.

Unfortunately, the two companies have put a big old protective polyurethane bag on any hope American comic nerds or motorcycle enthusiasts can get their hands on one of these pop art choppers. The customs are scattered throughout dealerships in Australia and New Zealand. The contest to enter and win one doesn’t specify if you get a bike (only a “sweet holiday,” whatever that foreign gibberish means), but it does limit entries to residents of those countries. It sounds like a nefarious plot hatched by the supervillain Kangaroo…who’s actually a character in the Marvel Universe, and will probably show up in Avengers 15 or something.

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