If there was a Milwaukee Jingle Hall of Fame (someone get on this, please), you’d find the usual suspects: Channel 12’s iconic “Hello Milwaukee.” Emergency TV Service’s frantic self-titled ditty. That terrifying keyboard riff from Gordon Furniture. But hey! Don’t forget about Esser TV & Appliance’s old “Stop, Shop, and Buy” jingle—which you won’t, because now it’s in your head and it will never leave.

Yes, this 1995 commercial for the once-mighty South Side television and appliance store (owned by the late Howard Esser, who died in 2010) has it all: the inescapable ear-worm jingle, the goofy “yeah” after “stop, shop, and buy,” and the promise of great deals on those ’90s big-screen TVs that weighed more than your car. “Save a lot of money / Save a lot of time / When you stop, shop, and buy.” Beautiful. [via The TV Madman]

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