Today, April 14 (4/14), Milwaukee celebrates Milwaukee Day, the greatest faux-holiday to be based on an area code (414). It’s a day to embrace and champion everything good and right in our fair city, and to share our positive Milwaukee experiences with friends, neighbors, and anyone who uses the #mkeday hashtag on Twitter. Remember the Cryptosporidium outbreak of 1993? #mkeday remembers.

To celebrate, Milwaukee Record hastily assembled a collage of a few of our favorite local haunts and characters—a.k.a. whatever Milwaukee-specific photos we had on our phones. Milverine, Mark Borchardt, and the East Side Turkey all make appearances. We hope it will inspire you to share your own photo memories of Milwaukee, and/or create some new ones at tonight’s official Milwaukee Day show at Turner Hall, featuring Decibully, Juniper Tar, and Whips. Attendance is mandatory. Let’s keep “Milwaukee” in “Milwaukee Day,” people.