We’re all cool with Brett Favre again, right? Right. Following Favre’s two-pronged Green Bay Packers homecoming this season, it seems the great state of Wisconsin is finally content to let bygones be bygones and re-embrace the ol’ gunslinger back into the green and gold fold. We’re all looking great; we’re all having fun out there. Again.

So what better way to celebrate yesterday’s terrific Packers playoff win over the Washington, er, professional football team than by analyzing this incredible photo Favre tweeted out during the game?

Oh, where to begin? The no-frills recliner? The unlit fireplace? The deer skull and accompanying antlers haphazardly resting on said unlit fireplace? (Maybe an 8-pointer?) How about Favre’s T-shirt, promoting his oft-promoted “sports social network” site, Sqor? Maybe his Hall of Fame-worthy manspreading? And his left hand, casually laid across his lap, as if it were grasping for something other than a remote control. Something familiar…something forbidden…something…

Anyway. There’s also the matter of the tweet’s text, which drops a nifty (and perhaps self-aware?) plug for Wrangler Jeans. Oh, and the weird light in the upper right-hand corner, which calls to mind that one joke from the Manos: The Hands Of Fate episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000: “Every frame of this movie looks like someone’s last known photograph.” Go Pack!