MILWAUKEE (January 13th, 2020) – Lakefront has always celebrated love! Through wedding receptions, surprise engagements on brewery tours, or first dates turned into lifelong endeavors, Lakefront has always held a special place in people’s hearts. Like in recent years, they are once again offering Valentine’s Day reservations for all-in-one, affordable, and memorable wedding ceremonies and vow renewals. They will take place in a comfortable, decorated, private space. Reservations will extend through the weekend as we gauge demand, but are currently being offered on Sunday, February 14th for $20.

Couples can book a time for a wedding ceremony or vow renewal that will last approximately 5 to 10 minutes in length. Upgrades such as flowers from local flower company Feisty Flowers, professional photography from local artist Samer Ghani, personalized pint glasses, desserts, rare bottles of beer, and even the option to reserve a table to dine at afterwards (drinks included) will be available when making your reservation.

The safety of their staff and guests is of the utmost importance, therefore, rules such as limited group sizes, mandatory mask use, proper social distancing, and plexiglass dividers will be utilized throughout the experience.

Reservations are available starting today and will close on Sunday, February 7th at midnight.

Lakefront is also offering special Valentine’s weekend reservations for their Date Night in the Chalet and their Hop House experience is available all weekend long as well. The Hop Houses are cozy, winter getaways meant for 6 to 8 but can be a romantic option for 2. Regular dine-in reservations are also available to those looking to get out and enjoy a meal in a safe space.

Visit Lakefront’s Valentine’s Day webpage for more information, details, and to book:

Like in years past, Lakefront will be hosting 2 mass vow renewals on Valentine’s Day. This time, owner Russ Klisch will be performing them over Zoom, one at 12PM and one at 5PM. Look out for further details and make sure to have a Lakefront beer in hand if attending!

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