Crowley Urges ‘Decency, Decorum, and Inclusivity’ After GOP Debate

MILWAUKEE – The following is the statement of Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley following last night’s Republican debate held at Fiserv Forum:

“As someone who was born and raised in the city of Milwaukee, I love serving as an ambassador to visitors from other parts of the state, the country, and world. Our region is rich in diversity, culture, and home to hard-working people that deserve leaders committed to moving our communities forward together.

“Unfortunately, instead of celebrating our community, last night’s Republican debate showcased extreme views on reproductive freedom, climate change, LGBTQ+ rights, and falsehoods about public safety in Milwaukee.

“Our community is committed to achieving racial and health equity, especially protecting our most vulnerable residents. Above all, we are committed to living up to the motto of our state by moving forward towards progress and advancement for all. Our democracy thrives when we engage in respectful and constructive dialogue that represents the diverse perspectives of all our residents.

“It was disheartening to witness candidates expressing views fundamentally at odds with basic facts, the values of our community, and the majority of the residents we serve.

“As we look forward to next summer’s convention in Milwaukee, I urge all participants and the convention leadership to maintain a standard of decency, decorum, and inclusivity that reflects the fundamental values of our community. I also ask those in charge to discourage the attendance of extreme, fringe groups that aim to disrupt and sow chaos.

“Milwaukee has a long-standing tradition of welcoming events that unite people, and this convention presents a golden opportunity to highlight the strength of our democratic process and the importance of open dialogue and finding common ground. Together, we can set an example of how political discourse should be conducted and show the world that American Democracy is stronger than ever.”

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