WMSE‘s local and live in-studio showcase, Local/Live, airs Tuesdays 6-7 p.m. You can find past episodes HERE, or on this handy Soundcloud playlist.

SID: Here we are for another exciting episode of Local/Live, from the WMSE vinyl library! Hello Matt Wild from Milwaukee Record! How are you?

MATT: Hello, Sid! I am doing well! What a great night it will be here in the WMSE vinyl library, because we have the one, the only, The November Criminals! Now, The November Criminals answer the longstanding question, “What would happen if you took a popular music genre from Milwaukee’s past and smashed it up with a popular Milwaukee music genre of the present day?” The November Criminals are of course the world’s foremost non-ironic hip-hop polka band. They’ve been doing their thing for many, many years. They’re one of those quintessential Milwaukee bands, and if they hadn’t formed themselves I feel like Milwaukee would have to invent them.

SID: I agree! Ladies and gentlemen, live from the Bob and Genie Friedman production studio and the WMSE vinyl library, it’s The November Criminals!

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When you’re sure you’ve had enough, just remember that Milwaukee has a polka hip-hop band