When one thinks of Tigernite (which one should do often), one thinks of glam-rock vamping, mile-high choruses, and glitter. So much glitter. But, as we said about the band’s excellent 2018 album Sublunary: “There are two sides to Tigernite. There’s the one covered in glitter and confetti, rocking the fuck out while riffs screech through the air like demonic bats. Then there’s the one wearing a rune-covered cloak, taking you by the hand and leading you through a moon-lit field at midnight.” It’s that second side that shines through on one of Sublunary‘s best tracks, “Oracle.” If you’re not familiar with the track, fix that now by watching this new video…

Oh, where to begin with our love for this song? How about the lyrics, which depict an otherworldly voice offering comfort and compassion to those adrift in a seemingly empty universe? “When you feel like nobody cares, remember that I do / And when you feel the earth beneath your feet, remember I can feel that too.” How about the uncharacteristic string section that drives the song? How about singer Molly Roberts killing it, as always, and her description of the band-directed video: “It’s just the four of us pretending to be ghosts in my attic.”

But yeah, this song is incredible, and the video is great. Tigernite’s next show is at PrideFest Milwaukee on Friday, June 7. Oh! And they’re playing a special acoustic set for our “Friday Nite Music” series at Colectivo on August 2! Humans, if you’re reading this: We’ll see you then.

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