We forget where we read it, but we’re pretty sure someone called Wavy V “Milwaukee’s answer to The Zombies.” It’s an apt description, yet the group’s intricate, delicate, and baroque psychedelia is entirely its own. This is a band, after all, whose first two releases were titled W and A. This is a band with six members. This is a band that features not one, but two flutes.

And this is also a band that has just released a delightful new song, “The Fools Have Gone To Bed.” Singer Emily Morrow takes the lead here, dancing through a whimsical flowerbed of strings, organ (provided by fellow former Candlier Riles Walsh), and, yes, flutes. The accompanying video is just as charming. It’s stuffed with appearances from the rest of Wavy V (Monica Bennett, Olivia Dobbs, Ryan Miracle, Heather Sewrey), and it’s infused with a vibe that recalls those old animated shorts that would play between segments on Sesame Street.

Wavy V will celebrate the release of “The Fools Have Gone To Bed” Friday, November 15 at Anodyne Walker’s Point Roastery. Tickets are only $10 for a show that also boasts L’Resorts and Caley Conway with Ellie Jackson. That’s a really, really good lineup. Don’t sleep on this one.

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