When he’s not busy performing monolith-sized psych-rock with Astral Hand, Milwaukee musician Victor Buell IV is busy crafting hazy retro-future soundscapes with his own solo/studio project, VBIV. Buell released his debut EP, Control, way back in 2015; now, following 2021’s Fallen Angels, he’s back with the stellar Material Vessel. Listen to it now!

Good stuff, right? Material Vessel has got it all: neon-drenched synth, soaring guitars, reverb-heavy vocals, and at least one Blade Runner reference (“Tears In The Rain”). “Mercury Eyes” is an instant Summer Playlist contender, and that subtle acoustic-electronic blend on “Fun Boy” hits just right.

Material Vessel is being released by Milwaukee electronic imprint Formed By Glaciers. Oh, and we just remembered the 2016 VBIV cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing In The Dark”! SO GOOD.

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