Last year, much of the city learned the inspiring story of Joe Reed. The Milwaukee man had all of his limbs amputated as a child as a result of meningitis. In the years that followed, Reed was abused by his foster mother and suffered from depression. Reed somehow overcame those obstacles in order to fashion a quality life for himself, and to be a source of happiness for his wife, children, his community, and anyone else who encounters his touching story.

One person who learned of Reed’s harrowing backstory is local videographer Damien Blue, who asked the quadruple amputee and hometown hero to be part of a music video. Set to the music of Milwaukee native Ben Wagner‘s “Take My Time” (off last year’s album, Midwestern Comfort), Blue follows a day in Reed’s life. Beyond going through his morning routine with his family, Reed also visits a friend, he dances to Wagner’s single at Dandy, and he takes a trip to Butler Skateland.

Do yourself a favor and get acquainted with Joe Reed. You can start by watching the heartwarming video for “Take My Time” below.

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