Since 2015, Riverwest FemFest has been an annual celebration and platform for femmes, trans, GNC, women, non-binary, and POC artists. Beginning May 26 and running through June 2, the philanthropic endeavor returns for its fifth year, with more musicians, comics, artists, filmmakers, and makers in more venues for more days than ever before. Want a preview of some of the musicians playing this year’s fest? Look (and listen) no further than this just-released 24-track compilation.

There’s a lot to dig into here, including tracks from Cream Vellum, Kendra Swanson, Rocket Cat, and Ruth B8r Ginsburg (the latter song was once performed for our Public Domain video series). There’s also a previously unreleased SistaStrings track, “Her Name Was,” that closes things out. The comp is as deep and diverse as FemFest itself (the gear change from Wavy V’s delicate “What’ll I Do” to Habitat For Insanity’s pummeling “Dehumanize Me” is a doozy), and there’s no better way to prepare for the event than by just pressing play. Enjoy!