Wes Tank had a good year. Amidst a howlingly awful 2020, the Milwaukee musician found internet fame with his rap versions of classic Dr. Seuss books—and, later, with his own StoryRaps series for Kidoodle.TV. Check it out. It’s great.

Jump Rope Squad had a good year, too. Amidst a howlingly awful 2020, LaDonna B. Telford and a group of friends and family found internet fame with their Jump Rope Squad Facebook group dedicated to, well, jumping rope and staying active. Check it out. It’s great.

And isn’t it nice when two good things come together? Enter Wes Tank and Jump Rope Squad’s “Jump Around” video, a remake of the classic House Of Pain tune. AHHH, SUMMER, HOW WE ALREADY MISS YOU.


“I made kid-friendly lyrics for ‘Jump Around’ way back in 2013,” says Tank in the video’s description. “When I found out about the Jump Rope Squad and how they are keeping people active during the pandemic, I knew we had to collaborate. Enjoy! Wear a mask folks!”

Words to live by! Literally! And nice shirt, Wes!

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