On Saturday, March 18, six bands from Milwaukee’s past will reunite on the stage of Turner Hall, turning the clock back to a time (the ’90s, mostly) and place (the Globe East, mostly) that still live on in many Milwaukee music fans’ hearts and permanently damaged eardrums. Before that show, Milwaukee Record offers up a short primer on the bands—Big Mother Gig, The Probers, You’re Pretty, Slurr, Pet Engine, and FS Camels—complete with some old press clippings, videos, and Dustin Diamond tell-alls.


Years active: 1992-1996

Members: Richard Jankovich – vocals; Riz Rashid – guitar; Matthew Deede – bass; Brady Roehl – drums

Style: Classic Midwestern ’90s college rock

Press from back in the day: “A bit of Replacements with some metallic energy.” – Shepherd Express, 1994; “Heavy folk-laden punk with alternative edges.” – Rock Central, 1994; “A daring stab at the gut of what the people call for.” – UWM Post, 1994; “Midwestern rock with a punk edge.” – Marquette Tribune, 1993

Fun Facts: Singer Richard Jankovich is the brains behind Saturday’s reunion show, and his band has released a new EP to celebrate the occasion, Almost Primed.


Years active: 1994-2003

Members: Rob Atwood – vocals; Corey Gabor – drums; David Passow – harmonica; Paul Kneevers and Matt Mexiner – organ; Jeff Hamilton – bass

Style: R&B-infused blues rock

Press from back in the day: “The show was exceptional. The Probers blend rock with soul and R&B, creating a danceable sound with crunchy guitars, blaring harmonica and dueling Hammonds.” – OnMilwaukee, 2002

Fun Facts: Jeff Hamilton has gone on to produce records for everyone from Violent Femmes to Paul Cebar.


Years active: 1998-2002

Members: Beth Musolff – vocals; Steve Kern – guitar; Chris Stenger – bass; Dave Keckeisen – drums

Style: Gloomy, Evanescence-esque alt-rock

Press from back in the day: “Not only are the fans speaking out, but also the band is getting the attention of record executives. Other national acts such as Staind, who requested six CDs to be sent to them via Fed Ex. The band has even netted corporate sponsorships from Sabian Cymbals, Kit Tools drum sticks (Fuel, Creed), and Caffeine clothing. Coorporations such as Intel, has added the song ‘Breakthrough or Breakdown’ from YP’s third disc, Beautiful Accident, to their Intel Concert Pocket Player 3000. Which was packaged on the CD-ROM that comes with every pocket player worldwide. They have also been added to a compilation disc by MP3.com and Heineken. 250,000 of these compilations were pressed for the MP3.com/Heineken Summer Tour of 2001.” – band website, via Internet Archive

Fun Facts: Singer Beth Musolff dated Dustin Diamond from 2002 to 2005, and gave a tell-all interview to the Daily Mail in 2015.


Years active: ’90s-’00s

Members (various lineups): Brady Pierzchalski – drums/vocals; Joe Horvath – bass/vocals; Kevin Zeitler – guitar; Brian Janssen – guitar

Style: Hardcore pop-punk

Press from back in the day: “Thanks for the tape. I found it to be well-played. I’m always up for a Milwaukee show (drinking shows at The Globe always seem to be the best; all-ages shows in Milwaukee kind of verge on the ‘not-worth-it’ side of the fence.)” – letter from Boris The Sprinkler’s Rev. Norb

Fun Facts: Hailed from West Bend, home of the almost-seminal West Bend Teen Factory.


Years active: 1991-2003

Members: Steve Ziel – vocals; Clem Blanding – bass; Al Hildebrand – guitar; Micah Havertape – drums

Style: Crunchy alternative power-pop

Press from back in the day: “Powerful alternative rock with radio-friendly guitar hooks, vibrant melodies and smartly written lyrics.” – Billboard

Fun Facts: Opened for groups like Oasis, Lemonheads, Goo Goo Dolls, Blind Melon, Verve Pipe, and Belly.


Years active: 1987-1995

Members: Mike Endrizzi – vocals/guitar; Mike Hondel – guitar; Damian Strigens – bass; Bernie Doll – drums

Style: Earnest, slightly grungy, pure ’90s alternative rock

Fun Facts: The video for “Bird’s Eye View” was shot on the roof of the gone-but-not-forgotten Sydney HiH building.

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