With America’s executive and legislative branches pretty much turning their backs on immigrants and refugees these days, the onus of maintaining some semblance of responsibility and social consciousness for our fellow human seems have fallen squarely on the back of the judicial branch and on the shoulders of private citizens.

In light of a recent executive order regarding immigration, one which the American Civil Liberties Union blocked, Bandcamp has pledged to donate its entire cut of sales from Friday, February 3 to the ACLU. If that’s not enough of a reason for some of you to finally buy some Milwaukee releases, we don’t know what is. As generous as that gesture is, a wealth of area acts are extending the generosity even more through their own donations. If you wish to support local musicians and worthy causes, there’s literally no better day to do so. Here are some ways Milwaukee musicians are showing their generosity today.

Not that anyone has been keeping score (we have), but adoptahighway has been donating Bandcamp sales before it was cool. Since December, the experimental endeavor has been splitting proceeds of sales between Planned Parenthood and Disability Rights Education And Defense Fund. That will continue today.

Antler House
Antler House will donate 100 percent of sales to ACLU. That covers both digital and physical purchases.

Disguised As Birds
You think Disguised As Birds breaking up is enough to stop them from donating? Think again! The defunct rock outfit will give all proceeds from digital sales to ACLU. Also, singer Chris Chuzles pledges to personally match all donations. For the record, We Buy Gold is a fucking awesome EP.

Fox Face
To mark the momentous day of Bandcamp philanthropy, Fox Face will release “Girl Hater.” It’s a great appetizer for the song they’ll soon release on the forthcoming anti-Trump comp, Nasty Woman.

Ghost Cuts
The Milwaukee (well, West Bend) band will donate 100 percent of their proceeds from sales of their record, Silence Is Violent, to ACLU. Better yet, buyers can save 20 percent by entering the promo code “ghost” at checkout.

The Glacial Speed
The Glacial Speed will give 100 percent of Friday’s Bandcamp proceeds to ACLU. Also, the band will donate all merch sales from tonight’s Cactus Club concert to the organization.

Hot Coffin
Remember what we wrote about Disguised As Birds? Well, same goes for Chuzles’ new band, Hot Coffin. All digital proceeds will be given to ACLU. The singer also says he’ll match all donations.


lifetime achievement award
All sales will be donated to ACLU.

Lost Lanes
Slightly outside Milwaukee, Lost Lanes (which also features former Disguised As Birds members) will donate 100 percent of sales to ACLU.

New Boyz Club
All sales will be donated to ACLU.

Paper Holland
Before you see Paper Holland at Mitten Fest this weekend, get a sample AND feel good helping deserving organizations. You can buy the band’s latest and greatest release and smile with the knowledge that all of the band’s proceeds of digital or physical sales of Fast Food through Saturday will be given to Hunger Task Force. If you care to save a bit of money along the way, you can take half off CDs with the code “MITTENFEST” at checkout.

Sean Williamson
Proceeds from any digital copies of author Sean Williamson’s collection of new short stories will be donated to ACLU “from here on out.”

Static Eyes
It’s been forever since Static Eyes put out a new song, right? Well, since the world is ending, here’s a new track. A portion of sales will go to ACLU.

All digital album sales over the next “days, weeks, months, etc.” will be given to ACLU.

Tontine Ensemble
All proceeds of digital sales will be donated to ACLU.

Milwaukee Record
Why are you still reading this? Please buy something from everyone else instead. But should you wish to purchase either of our first two Local Coverage concerts, all of our proceeds will be split between Girls Rock Milwaukee and COA Youth & Family Centers. This is always the case, though. Take advantage of today’s generosity buy buying from others first.

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