Looking for new music? Looking for new Milwaukee music? Then look no further than our monthly Milwaukee Music Roundup. (Want to hear us discuss a few selections on WUWM’s Lake Effect? Click HERE.)


Andy Warren Jepson – Main St.

Arctic Sleep – By The Horns (Original Soundtrack)

CRLSS – Winter Warmer EP

Dana Coppafeel – lowifi

Diet Lite – Seems To Be The Way It Tends To Go

Guerrilla Ghost – The Trumaine EP

Indonesian Junk – Living In A Nightmare

KASE – Pop Art

Motel Breakfast – Irish All The Same

Moustache Bride – Witch Insulin

Negative/Positive – Mint Bag (Bag Full Of Mints)

Ope – Is This Thing On?

Reins Daily – Songs For The Phenomenon

Renz Young – Soulscapes: The Beat Tape

Rx Drugs – Broken By Design

Shamewave – Grinner Demos

Shroud Of Despondency – Goodnight, My Kitten

Spud Bucket – Latest Hits

Taiyamo Denku – C​.​O​.​D​.​E.


Aggie Silver – “This Will End In Flames”

Brett Newski – “If I Had A Car”

Caley Conway – “I Love You So Much I Don’t Want To See You”

Dark Psychic – “Burn”

Eli $tones – “Everything I Got”

Joe Quinto – “Superman”

Jonathan Burks – “The Painted Porch”

Long Line Riders – “Steel Guitar Rag” (Bob Wills cover)

LUXI – “By Your Side”

Tron Jovi – “The Return Of Tron Jovi Dub”

You Win !!! – “Painmonger”


Andy Warren Jepson – “Willkommen”

Caley Conway – “I Love You So Much I Don’t Want To See You”

Devils Teeth – “Ride Of The Devils Teeth”

Direct Hit! – “Hollow Comfort”

Graham Hunt – “Change Their Mind”

Mark Waldoch & The Hallelujah Ward – “86,000”

Reins Daily – “Abducted”

Something To Do – “Let’s Break Some Laws”

Tacoma Washington Weekday Club – “LASTRITES”

Taiyamo Denku & Urban Legend – “Not From New York”

Trapper Schoepp – “River Called Disaster”