Back in late 2022, we introduced you to MATTHÚ. The project helmed by Kevin Bush—who is half of established sibling synthwave duo Immortal Girlfriend—instantly got on our radar by way of Montana, its exceptional debut EP that earned inclusion on our “Favorite Milwaukee music of 2022” list. Since then, MATTHÚ has kept pretty quiet outside of a select few live outings over the past 18 months. However, we’re pleased to report the project has a new song out today and, well, it rules.

“Lasso” picks up right where the six tracks on Montana left off. Traditional country music sounds and western lyrical references are projected through an electronic lens, with trap beats, effect-laden backing vocals, and elements of emotive folk employed at times. Aside from the lap steel, which comes courtesy of Will Hansen of Old Pup, Bush played and sang everything on “Lasso.”

We’re told a new MATTHÚ release is in the works and there are plans to release another single before the end of 2024, but for now, “Lasso” is a standalone single. As we await that forthcoming material and (hopefully) more live shows from the project on the horizon, do yourself a favor and listen to the latest genre-bending MATTHÚ song now.

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