Today is July 4. Some of you are celebrating the nation today, as is your right. Others are spending America’s birthday acknowledging the country’s flaws and inequalities, as is also your right. Many of you are off work and preparing for a long weekend full of rest, relaxation, fireworks, and cookouts…as is your right.

No matter how you’re spending this Fourth of July weekend, you’ll probably find a few things you like on this “July 4 / Summer BBQ Mix” we just whipped up. This collection of Milwaukee-made music includes material that celebrates America, songs that comment on the country’s shortcomings and injustices, and a good number of tracks that take no political stance whatsoever and just seem well-suited to be listened to while grilling out or doing yard work or whatever.

However you’re spending today and the rest of this long weekend, we hope you have a safe and fun-filled time. Hopefully this playlist will help. And as always, Spotify sucks, so if you like any of these songs, please consider purchasing music directly from the artist and/or seeing them live.

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