Since beginning in 2015, Ladies Rock Milwaukee—the grown-up companion to Girls Rock Milwaukee—has become an established resource to help empower “women, transgender, and gender non-conforming folks of any identity 18 years or older.” Between the inaugural camp and year two, enrollment went from 16 campers to 22. Since then, the number of participants has only grown, the camp moved from spring to summer, and Ladies Rock collaborations have even helped forge full-fledged bands. Then-Milwaukee Record contributor Lauren Keene enjoyed her experience, too!

This year’s camp runs June 21-23, but registration kicks off this weekend. Ladies Rock Milwaukee will open enrollment with a bang on Friday, February 8 with a registration kickoff party from 5-9 p.m. at Blackbird Bar. There will be DJs spinning records and those in attendance will have an opportunity to sign up for camp (or just learn more about Ladies Rock). Those who sign up at Blackbird on Friday will receive $50 off their camp tuition. It sounds like this year—the camp’s fifth installment—will be the biggest and best year of Ladies Rock yet.

“We’re going to be having some exciting camp changes this year, including multi-level instrument instruction and a new partnership with Miramar Theatre, where we will be holding our Day 3 of camp,” Mary Joy of Ladies Rock (and Fox Face) says.

Those who can’t attend the enrollment event can sign up for Ladies Rock camp online starting February 8.

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