“We will not stop fighting for ourselves and each other. This event is part of that fight.”

That’s a statement from venerable Milwaukee band Ruth B8r Ginsburg. For the past seven years, the femme-led force of nature has served as a musical beacon for homegrown activism, speaking truth to power and sounding incredible while doing it. Now, with seemingly EVERYTHING going to hell, the eight-piece outfit is gearing up for an ambitious event.

On Saturday, June 25, Ruth B8r Ginsburg will organize a “Creative Dissent for Reproductive Freedom.” The event will begin at noon in South Shore Park, where the group will lead a roughly half-mile parade to the Cactus Club. There, from 1-4 p.m., a fundraiser will be held featuring a makers market, a food truck, tables from various reproductive freedom groups, speakers, and musical performances from Sunshine Raynebow, LaRosette, Izzy Veta, and, of course, Ruth B8r Ginsburg.

All door money will be donated to the Wisconsin Women’s Medical Fund, which directly funds abortion care.

“The goal of this event is to inspire and inform,” the band says. “Right now people need hope and inspiration. We would like to meet these needs. We need to take care of each other because the people in power won’t. We should not allow them to cater to the fantasies of a delusional few at the expense of our safety, health, and civil freedoms.”

Want to support the event directly? Ruth B8r Ginsburg is looking to raise $2,000 to cover costs. You can find the GoFundMe HERE. Anything extra will be donated to the Wisconsin Women’s Medical Fund.


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Public Domain: Ruth B8r Ginsburg performs “Which Side Are You On?”

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