If you’re reading this article, it’s probably for one of two reasons. Reason #1: You’ve mistakenly stumbled on this, thinking it had information about Bay View Gallery Night or another artsy event. Reason #2: Despite the members’ best efforts to escape your awareness, you’ve found out about Gallery Night and you’re eager to hear the self-sabotaging band’s first recorded material. Regardless of what brought you here, you’re in for a treat.

The altogether “un-Google-able” trio with ties to Centipedes, Cougar Den, Chicago’s equally evasive Football, and Buffalo’s own Baseball Furies has no website, zero Facebook presence, and little concern for self-promotion. Up to this point, there’s also no recorded evidence this band exists. That will change Friday night, when Gallery Night will cast THREE 7-inch records into the world during a triple release show at Cactus Club.

The songs were recorded over the course of two sessions and Howl Street Recordings, but all mixed and mastered at the same time. Gallery Night singer-guitarist Jim McCann says he views material from both sessions as one body of work, but some consideration was put into how songs were grouped for each release.

“I felt the songs lent themselves more to being 7-inches than a full-length,” McCann says. “Personally, it felt like the recordings were documenting our growth as a band and trying to get everything we came up with on tape, instead of trying to create something as a whole.”

The dark, howling “I Want To Die Here” is part of a 7-inch on put out by a Virginia label called Big Neck Records. The dreary and driving “One By One” is on a release from Chicago’s Tall Pat Records. Milwaukee’s Dusty Medical Records will round out the releases with a 7-inch that’s highlighted by the chaotic chants and percussion in “Watching Black And White On The Color TV.”

Before Gallery Night releases all three records at Cactus Club on Friday, March 30, listen to one song from each 7-inch now in the reclusive rock band’s digital debut.

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