July 4 is an important day for Americans, a day for celebrating our independence, a day for honoring those who fought (and still fight) for our freedoms, and a day for blasting that Lee Greenwood song from our Ford F-150s. It’s also a day for partying, which usually entails the consumption of various grilled meats and brewed beverages. But what if you want to take your Fourth of July festivities to the next level? Because we care, we rounded up 10 party-rific Milwaukee music videos—many of them involving fireworks and/or stuff blowing up—and identified 10 crucial Fourth of July party tips.

Go out on the town – The Fatty Acids, “Memory Banks”
With the Fourth falling on a Friday this year, most of us get to enjoy a three-day weekend. Use the extra night of freedom wisely by getting out there and having fun on the town. Play some Golden Tee, have a buddy teach you billiards, or just run around a field screaming Fatties lyrics into the night.

Throw a house party – Sat. Nite Duets, “All Night Long”
Going out is fun and all, but the drinks add up and even on holidays, the bar isn’t open past 2:30 a.m. in the morning. In the comfort of one’s home, the Four Loko flows like water, clothing is optional, and you can dance in a dingy basement all night long.

Drink cheap beer – The Midwest Beat, “High Life”
Fancy schmancy craft beer is fine for 364 days of the year, but for the Fourth, cheap brew is the way to go. And what better cheap brew is there than Miller High Life? The Midwest Beat loves it, as do countless Milwaukee musician-bartenders.

Attend a backyard BBQ – Midnight Reruns, “King Of Pop”
There’s always somebody you know who decides to celebrate the Fourth with good old fashion American BBQ. For our money, there are few (if any) better ways to ring in America’s birthday than by grilling out, enjoying a few slices of special holiday-priced watermelon, and swilling some domestic beers with the musical accompaniment of rock and roll. Just don’t be the person who brings cheap beer, then drinks good beer somebody else brought. That’s terrorist stuff.

Do drugs – Platinum Boys, “Cruisin’ USA”
If you’re looking for a band that embodies everything good and ridiculous about partying, look no further than the Platinum Boys. Their ode to weed, speed, and everything in between could be the Fourth’s unofficial anthem.

Take a bicycle bar crawl – The Response, “Alright, Who Wants A Mustache Ride?”
Milwaukee’s east side has changed a lot since The Response rode through the neighborhood in 2007. Though Bruno’s—or Listwan’s…whatever!—is gone and that Burger Joint place is now just another jewel in the corroded crown of the Cousin’s Subs empire, there’s still plenty to do on and around Brady Street. Take to the streets on two wheels and replace the calories you burn by double-fisting Comet Bloody Marys and red hots from Dogg Haus. ’Stash is optional.

Just party – Logic & Raze, “Thirsty”
Partying isn’t exactly a science, people—just invite a bunch of people over and have at it. And don’t forget those Solo Cups, which are everywhere in this Logic & Raze video.

Bonfire – Direct Hit!, “White Robes”
There’s nothing quite like a summer bonfire. Usually, sitting around a roaring fire in the company of friends under the dazzling, star-lit tapestry of the great outdoors is a relaxing experience. Conversely, Direct Hit!’s version of a bonfire has mutilation and cannibalism…but at least nobody brought an acoustic guitar.

Do something fancy – Red Knife Lottery, “Junkie Jazz”
In the spirit of liberty, indulge in the almost exclusively American freedom to spend money you don’t have on things you don’t need. Pick up a vintage dress or a roaring ’2os-inspired tux, then head to Bryant’s, At Random, or virtually anywhere in the Third Ward and buy that guy or gal you spot from across the bar a high ball or sloe gin fizz. Who knows, maybe there will be sexy results. Or murder. Hopefully the sexy results one.

Blow stuff up – Like Like The The The Death, “Salt On Assault”
No explanation needed.