Ever since the music world was set ablaze last month with rumors Limp Bizkit would be playing a 4/20 show at a Dayton, Ohio gas station, there has been a growing online trend of people making fake Facebook events. The recipe is simple, but always satisfying. Step 1: Take one to six embarrassingly past-prime music or cultural footnotes whose popularity plateaued 10-15 years ago. Step 2: Add an unorthodox venue, such as a fast food restaurant or retail shop. Step 3: Host it in an out-of-the-way rural city, if desired. Step 4: Wait for people to join, spread the word, and add comments related to vaping and Nintendo 64.

The final product takes such hilarious forms as:
Enya at a Petsmart in West Chester, Ohio
Nine Inch Nails at H-E-B Pantry Store in Austin, Texas
Puddle Of Mudd at Shoe Carnival in Hixson, Tennessee
Korn with Trapt at Sleepy’s Mattress Professionals in Brooklyn, New York
Godsmack at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas
Criss Angel featuring Papa Roach, Drowning Pool, Avril Lavigne, and HIM with hosts Kat Williams and Guy Fieri at Taco Bell in Nashville, Tennessee
Crazy Town at Perkins in St. Paul, Minnesota
Evanescence with Avril Lavigne at Walgreen’s Pharmacy (Brady Street) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
• Eve 6 at Route 20 Outhouse in Sturtevant, Wisconsin

Pretty funny, huh? What’s not so funny is that one of these events is actually real.

That’s right, on June 25, less than a year removed from tearing close to 150 Wisconsin State Fairgoers a new one with a legitimately decent performance in the sobering light of day, Eve 6 will return to southeast Wisconsin to turn a Sturtevant sports bar “Inside Out” with its handful of late-’90s and early-aughts rippers. We’ve known about the platinum-selling band’s Route 20 Outhouse gig for months, but in this strange and wondrous new era of trolling people with fake nostalgic concerts, we feel the need to assure people this show is actually happening.

Tickets are $17. Get there early and enjoy Route 20’s famous “Outhouse Quesadilla” or the “Junkyard Salad” so you have the energy to stay through Eve 6’s last song. Odds are, the band’s closer will be “Here’s To The Night” and odds are the song’s longing and reminiscent lyrics will hit those hearing them at a highway-adjacent bar in 2016 a little bit harder than they used to.

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