Back in January 2017, Milwaukee’s once mighty Codebreaker cracked six years of silence by releasing “When The Lights Go Down.” The self-described “lost track” was a welcome reminder of the space-age future-disco duo of Steven Hawley and Sage Schwarm, who ruled the city’s clubs and dance floors from 2002 to 2011. Now, in yet another reminder of Codebreaker’s timeless (and oddly prescient) electro sound, the band is unveiling an overstuffed 26-track “best of” album, The Ultimate Collection. Oh, and it comes complete with a previously unreleased track, “Sky Commander.”

Schwarm tells us that, similar to “When The Lights Go Down,” the funky and infectious “Sky Commander” was “almost completed, but put on the back-burner.” The track is streaming now via Milwaukee Record, and will be available as a free download for one week. The Ultimate Collection, meanwhile, is available via SpotifyiTunes and Apple Music, and CD Baby.

“People listen to our music more now than when we were together!” Schwarm says in a press release. That may be underselling how popular Codebreaker was back in the day, but it doesn’t undersell how current-sounding the group’s music is today. (As for a long-overdue Codebreaker reunion? “I could never completely shut that door,” Hawley says.)

Here’s the tracklist for The Ultimate Collection:

01 – Memoirs of the Marooned Astronaut
02 – Moody Automatic
03 – Capsule
04 – Gentle Android
05 – Fuzzy
06 – Castaway
07 – Starrlite
08 – New Poetic
09 – Saturn Life
10 – Caller
11 – What Is This Earth Love
12 – Beat Electrique
13 – Riviera
14 – Are You Ready 2 Love
15 – Here Comes The Night Time
16 – Silver Lining
17 – Follow Me
18 – Sous L’choc (feat. Marc Gauvin)
19 – Desire
20 – Free Your Mind
21 – The Space Chase
22 – Fire (feat. Kathy Diamond)
23 – R.I.M.L.
24 – When The Lights Go Down
25 – Sky Commander
26 – First True Love Affair (Radio Edit)

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