Looking to add a little musical swagger to your step? Maybe drift off and think about the environment? Have you, or has someone you know, been known to wear a lot of denim? If you answered YES to any of these questions, the self-titled debut EP from Wisconsin’s Lords Of Apricity may be for you.

Lords Of Apricity is the ’70s classic rock-inspired project of Milwaukee’s David Koenig. Spawned from weekly basement recording sessions with Vinnie Kircher (L’Resorts, Jaill) and Jered Shaw (Green Mountain Rebels, The Great Emu Wars), the group eventually picked up additional players from Milwaukee, Eau Claire, and Chicago. In January 2022, the musicians convened at the Hive studio outside of Eau Claire and recorded with producer/engineer Brian Joseph (Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, Paul Simon, Indigo Girls, The Fray). The resulting three-song EP is all killer and no filler, and highlighted by the stellar, take-no-shit vocals of Susan Renee Thiede.

Opener “Victory Song” announces itself with the same vibe and attitude as Exile On Main St.‘s “Rocks Off.” Hints of AC/DC flicker throughout the intro to “What It Takes,” before giving way to a sax- and Stones-stuffed barn-burner. Finally, the eco-minded “Planet Planet” (co-written by Kircher) drifts in and out of a spaced-out Doors sound and ends (of course) with a Greta Thunberg sample.

“The Lords Of Apricity project casts a nod with a wink to the guitar-based rock and roll that plastered the posters on David’s wall as a child,” reads a press release, “lived in CD cases on the floor of his 1984 Plymouth Horizon during high school, and is now archived on infinite digital playlists and dedicated vinyl collection.” Add Lords Of Apricity to your own digital playlist now.

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