Debut EP.

Just one word and an abbreviation representing two other words can yield a myriad of listener outcomes. Sometimes, it’s a one-and-done test of ultimately unkind waters before a half-hatched project retreats to regroup and plot new endeavors with different names and a shakeup in membership. Often, it’s a short order sampling of an artist’s capabilities that leads to more gigs, a wider following, and a full-length follow-up (at least). Every now and then, a Soul Low, Canopies, Dream Attics or Sin Bad comes along and absolutely restores your faith in that four syllable term of audio introduction.

Lorde Fredd33’s—yes—debut three-song EP, LRD3, is the latest piece of evidence submitted to corroborate claims regarding Milwaukee’s hungry, focused, and rapidly-improving hip-hop scene. Cam Henderson (aka Lorde Fredd33) started strong Tuesday with his abruptly-issued digital release. His slow, deliberate style is perfectly echoed by the prowess of “Q the Sun” (Kiran Vee, the replacement front man of Fresh Cut Collective), who plies cinematic string- and choir-incorporated production that’s loosely reminiscent of GZA’s Liquid Swords atop Henderson’s cocksure lyrics (“I’m Hercules!”).

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