It seems as if a new, exciting, and altogether delicious restaurant is opening up in Bay View on an almost monthly basis. To quote host Kyle Cherek, “You can’t call it Bay View’s renaissance, because it was never this good before.” Three of the restaurants leading the neighborhood’s undeniable culinary charge at the moment are Odd Duck, The Vanguard, and Goodkind. In the latest installment of the PBS program Wisconsin Foodie, he and co-host Jessica Bell venture to the holy trinity of southeast Milwaukee dining to get behind-the-scenes looks at the inner workings of restaurants the city has quickly come to love.

The journey begins at Odd Duck, where Ross Bachhuber and Melissa Buchholz discuss the long road to opening the restaurant. The show then moves a few blocks south on Kinnickinnic, where Vanguard’s Shay Linkus charms with funny anecdotes and sausages named after fellow Milwaukee chefs. Finally, Cherek and Bell belly up to the bar at Goodkind to talk to chefs Paul Zerkel and Lisa Kirkpatrick before enjoying tender rotisserie chicken, pasta, and rich vegetarian fare. Along the way, nationally regarded mixologist Katie Rose converts Bell to a gin drinker with her beloved Light As A Feather cocktail.

If you haven’t been to any of these places, what have you been doing with your life? Check out the full episode below and make reservations tonight.

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