If the recent snowfall and the fact that we’re now a couple days into November didn’t already bring this point home, allow us the be the bearer of bad news: summer is over. It’s sad, but it’s true. Fall has firmly announced its arrival, winter is coming, and everything is terrible. BUT! There are a few reminders of summer’s splendor that still remain in Milwaukee—at least until this weekend is through. We’ve already informed you that Nite Owl’s last day of 2019 is today, but Milwaukee County Parks just announced another warm-weather amenity that will be (temporarily) calling it quits this weekend.

The South Shore Terrace beer garden at South Shore Park in Bay View will close for the year after Sunday, November 3. Before they pack it in, however, the Terrace will go out in style with one heck of a special. Starting at 11 a.m. on November 3, South Shore Terrace will offer FREE beer—to anyone 21 and older, obviously—until they run out. Additionally, there will be a special “hand-picked” buffet that adults can enjoy for $10 and children can order for $5.

If you’re looking to work in one final beer garden visit this year…or if you simply want some free beer, South Shore Terrace is the place to be on Sunday.

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